The theme for 2025 is 'Passage'.

Note that the Martha's Vineyard Drawing Prize is on hiatus for 2024, but returns in 2025 as a biennial competition to give artists more time to work on the theme!

How you interpret this theme is entirely up to you! 'Passage' is a word with many meanings and a lot of nuance. Your drawing could be about:

  • Moving through, under, over, across, or past something on the way from one place to another
  • A voyage or journey, safe passage, a nautical passage
  • The passage of time
  • A narrow alley or way, a passageway somewhere
  • The passage from one state of being to another, from one stage of life to another
  • A duct, vessel, or channel
  • The passage of a bill or law
  • A short extract from a book, story, tale, speech, or music
  • A short episode of some sort
  • A continuous movement or flow

We look forward to seeing how you take this theme and make it yours!

Above all else, have some fun and enjoy your time drawing.


The 2023 theme was 'Discover'.

The 2022 theme was 'Home'.

The 2021 theme was 'Questions'.

The 2020 theme was 'Fortitude'.

The 2019 theme was 'The Ties that Bind'.