(New Brunswick, New Jersey)

Yarn Over

marker, wax colored pencil
11" x 17"

This piece is one of the first of an ongoing series in which I explore the rollercoaster that is living in your twenties. Unrequited confidence one day turns into existential dread; a bright career path turns into failure. I only grow closer to knowing what I want after uncovering what it is that I don't want. The day-to-day experiences can feel quite frustrating; however, in this tug of war, a person emerges. This series of self-portraits is about self-discovery; tightly crocheting knots to release the fears of an uncertain future.
Despite my choice to capture moments of discomfort, I do view this overall journey as a positive transformation. Through this series, I hope to learn more about the progress I've made on my journey, as well as enable others to resonate with my story and not feel alone during the arduous trek of youth.

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