(Portland, Oregon)

Treasures of Goddess

19" x 25"

I am an emerging artist and do not have formal art education. I stumbled upon Pastels thru an Indian artist and it has been a great discovery for me. I landed in the US with an infant girl, and I always had this question "how do I pass on our culture and values to her?" Most of my current work and future projects focus on that part of my life. Many first-generation immigrants know the pain of leaving their life behind. Through the years when we travel home, we accumulate things that are close to our hearts, one at a time, during each trip. "Treasures" still life series is an effort to depict such memories. Some might be keepsakes, some might be adorning our homes giving that traditional feel, some might be part of our daily lives, but all of them are the happiness that we carry with us. I use pastel pencils, pan-pastels, on black paper. It takes 12-15 layers to achieve the desired skin tone or the fabric fineness. I personally like doing jewelry and fabric details.

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