(Durham, North Carolina)

Big Bang (as according to a cat)

pen and ink, in sketchbook
8" x 11"

As we seek to learn more about what lies beyond our solar system and the James Webb Space Telescope has begun to provide ever more clarity to our understanding of celestial objects, there has been an increased interest in the field of astrology. Inspiring as it may be, along with the incredible clarity of images being beamed back to Earth from the space telescope, a literal and metaphorical fog has set in, obscuring our understanding of our own planet's fragility and blinding us to the ways in which our own actions contribute to an unhealthy ecosystem. In our race to discover other habitable planets, we are seemingly stuck in a "doom loop". Our quest for a better understanding of the nature of planets is making our own planet less hospitable to life. I have used the medium of drawing to reflect on this complex issue of progress vs. environmental patrimony. The drawing "Big Bang" is a comedic take on this perspective.

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