2 Pescatarians

Charcoal, gouache and ink
40" x 30"

I am currently a senior at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. I am completing my BFA Studio Arts with a concentration in Drawing. While my focus is drawing, I also make sculptural and painted work. This summer I completed a large scale sculpture and I am in the middle of a series of works that incorporate charcoal as well as oil paint.

Refrigerators are self-reflections of ourselves by displaying our food consumption and eating habits. This work began by overlapping photos taken on different days and at distinct times, creating a time lapse of the food containers in the refrigerator. A time reference to the never-ending consumption that humans create and the lasting impact that is placed on the natural environment despite our temporariness. The food we eat, especially meat products, has a direct relationship to the degradation of the environment. This work is one of nine drawings in a series.