(Providence, Rhode Island)

After The Storm

Ink on Paper

9" x 12"

Set in the domestic space, my work characterizes the household as a psychological landscape, exploring the range of emotional complexities and relationships that have transpired within it over a period of time. I explore addiction, codependency, regressing into one's inner child, a desire for safety, but also moments of intimacy, softness and rest that take place in the midst of all the stress and turmoil.

To me home has always been found in places where there is the desire to love unconditionally, despite it often being a treacherous road where we don't always have the means or the stability to do so. Home is about relationships rather than just the physical spaces they inhabit, and I am interested in transcribing their complexity and layers, while also exploring the many layers of what it means to be human with another human.

Instagram: @tarasabini