charcoal and watercolor pencil
24" x 24"

My intention is to provide a contemporary perspective on the power of the human spirit through the use of expression. By working primarily in charcoal I am able capture a photorealistic stage for the audience to interact with the personality of each portrait. Technically I strive to achieve rich layers of texture through my treatment of flesh, hair, and even tattoos.

However, while I pride myself on achieving technical realism, the strength of my portraits relies in the personal relationships I have with each of these individuals. When viewing my work I challenge the audience to not only interact with the application of the charcoal, but to focus on the soul of each personality. The unique textures, expressions and narratives captured in my work are meant to offer an honest perspective on the true spirit of each portrait.

Overall, my work does not represent an idealistic beauty, but rather, it represents the power of these individuals and depth of character that they each possess.