Casey "Adapt"

sanded charcoal on paper
42" x 29"

I work figuratively and mainly of my two daughters. My work is about that space of youth where "magic" unfolds. Defining identity through experimentation, ie) the clothing, the gaze and the pose among other things. Also prevalent is the relationship with animals and the magic that happens in that connection.

At the emotional level of my work, my main focus is to convey truth and honesty, and for me, the only absolute truth I know is of myself and my children. This truth is filtered through a lens of my own experience, often being bittersweet and questioning.

My work allows the viewer to glimpse a private world of the female- hesitant, insecure and often unaware of the power that they hold. It is also about beauty; aching, haunting and desirable. Everything matters, the wrinkles of the dress, the stains, the fur of the animals and the gaze. More often than not, my subjects meet the eyes of the viewer- inviting them to look and to connect with their own experience and vulnerability. This piece is about our innate ability to adapt as humans.